Wednesday, April 09, 2008

UMKC Getting Stadium

The UMKC Kangaroos will be getting themselves their own soccer stadium ON campus. Set to open in 2009 and be fulling completed by 2010. The Stanley H. Durwood Foundation has donated $5 million gift to the athletic department. Included in the project are locker rooms and offices for the men's and women's soccer program as well as a four lane track and concession stand. This will be great for the UMKC soccer team to have a place right on campus to play their games. Without a football team, the team has a great chance to become a really big thing on campus. In the picture below, I'd assume they're going to take out a few of the lanes on the current track to fit the soccer field in there (Click on the picture for a clearer image.).
Credit to the Kansas City Soccer Review for first breaking the story.


Reepicheep said...

That's great. $5 million won't build much though.

Anonymous said...

The $5 mil isn't all that's going into the project. There's more, trust me.

Anonymous said...

Wow... all UMKC needs now is a good soccer team,
and I know some of you guys are not going to agree... but I am sure that those that don't agree have never seen them play. They have not been able to break 500 in the last 4 years and two years ago they only won 3 games!

I hope that if UMKC is going to invest in soccer, they really invest in soccer. As for now, if you want to watch good college soccer in KC, Rockhurst or Jewell will have to suffice...

Roush said...

Anonymous 2:

I've seen them play a bit more than most and I would have to disagree with your statements. Credit UMKC's tough non-conference schedule for their overall record.

In conference play, however, they've acquitted themselves quite well, failing to qualify for the postseason only once in 14 seasons and finishing below .500 in just three seasons.