Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Expansion Time

The expansion draft is right around the corner. Steven Goff stated in his Soccer Insider blog that the draft would be held a week from today, the 21st. He's also posts that the rules will likely be the same as last years expansion draft for Toronto FC.

  • Current teams cannot lose more than one player.
  • Teams can protect 11 of 28 roster players.
  • Each team cannot leave more than one senior international player unprotected.
  • Generation Adidas players are safe from selection and do not need be among the 11 protected.
So who are the Kansas City Wizards going to protect? I have my own opinions on which players we will protect, but below is the list of players that I think the team will be protecting.

First, the Wizards currently have 2 Generation Adidas players. So unless both Ryan Pore and Will John are graduated from the program, both will be automatically protected. Of the two, Pore is the more likely to be graduated.

So here's the 11 guys that I think that the Wizards will protect in the expansion draft.

Davy Arnaud
Jimmy Conrad
Michael Harrington
Kevin Hartman
Kurt Morsink
Scott Sealy
Eloy Colombano
Jack Jewsbury
Eddie Johnson
Kerry Zavagnin
Carlos Marinelli

At least that's my guess at the 11 players, although I could see a change or two made. I could see Zavagnin, Marinelli or Johnson being dropped for a younger player like Aaron Hohlbein.

If that's the 11 players, that would leave the following players available to be picked in the expansion draft.

Jose Burciaga Jr.
Edson Elcock
Nick Garcia
A.J. Godbolt
Willy Guadarrama
Aaron Hohlbein
Chris Konopka
Michael Kraus
Eric Kronberg
Amir Lowery
Ryan McMahen
Ryan Raybould
Sasha Victorine
Lance Watson
Tyson Wahl

If that happens to be the list, the most appealing player on that list of available players, is Burciaga. He's still relatively young, as well as being experienced. Burciaga also seems to be out of favor with the team, having only played garbage minutes after 2 errors cost the Wizards two goals in LA. If not Burciaga, then I could see San Jose taking someone like Hohlbein, who started 4 games for the Wizards this past season


Anonymous said...

I would hate to see Burciaga go, i think in time he will pan out as a top class defender for the Wizards, and with left foot like he has we cant afford to let him go. Also, letting Victorine go would be amistake as well, i know he is getting older but his experience is much needed on this team. I would be happier to let Hohlbein or even as crazy as it sounds let Sealy go. We have Colombano, Pore, and John to play up with Johnson, On a side note, letting Movsisyan go was a mistake.

Mike said...

It'd either be one or the other, not both Sasha and Jose. The whole expansion draft is a chess game, you leave higher priced players exposed, and protect your younger cheaper talent who you see as being a benefit. Sasha has become a bench player and bit starter, while his experienced may be missed, there is more talent on the team.

There is NO WAY you let Sealy go. You leave Sealy exposed he's gone. You gotta keep Sealy over Victorine. Especially if Johnson leaves for Europe, which seems likely. Pore and John are not ready to contribute at this level. Pore looks like he'd never be able to contribute. Sealy has shown himself to be a good striker in MLS, letting him go would be stupid, especially if your other forwards are 3 (Colombano, Pore, John) that have not shown they can consistently score in this league. You can't honestly think those 3 could fill the whole if Sealy left.

The Manly Ferry said...

Cool list, even if I'm surprised at a couple choices (I'm not saying you're wrong either; different strokes fer different folks, etc.)

The calls that jump out at me are Colombano on the protect list, or even Marinelli - especially with Victorine on the exposed side.

Good list overall, though.

Anonymous said...

Jose's 2 errors were in NY, not LA :)

Why protect Eddie? especially if he's gone....and he cost a tone of money.

Mike said...

I'm just making my guess as to what Onalfo and Vermes will do. Johnson was protected last year after his piss poor season and with talk of him leaving. I wouldn't be surprised if they did it again.