Friday, November 23, 2007

Ruiz to Wizards?

Could possibly happen, if you believe Not Doug Logan and his blog Logan's Revenge. Apparently FC Dallas is looking to offload the striker, and the Wizards are pursuing him. The Wizards are looking to fill the possible hole that would be left in the forward line if Eddie Johnson goes abroad. That's what this entire rumor hinges on. If Eddie goes to Europe, the Wizards will apparently look to replace him with the Fish. Over the years, Ruiz goal output has dropped, from 24 his first year in the league to 15, 11, ,11, 13, and then only 7 this past season.

Is this a case of the game finally catching up with Ruiz, was this just a down season, or has the league finally completely figured the Fish out?

I'm not really for this move, besides past connotations of Ruiz, he certainly seems to not be the same player that he was even 2 years ago. I think he is starting to get past his prime. I think Kansas City could find a cheaper, younger, more productive player scouting around South America like they did last year.

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Unknown said...

South America is the way to go, I would love to see a young Colombian player make it her.

The city where I am from has two excellent soccer farm schools, I wonder where the wizards actually go to scout.