Friday, November 16, 2007

More Bannister Stadium Stuff

Some more great information from Pete Grathoff's blog, Tor! Tor! Tor! about the potential stadium at Bannister Mall. Pete posted some interesting facts about the stadium, including:

The average paid attendance is expected to be 13,500 for 20 Wizards games.
I think this is likely a rather low attendance guess for the team. Considering back in 2003 and 2004, when Lamar Hunt was actually actively promoting the team, the team averaged 15,573 and 14,816 respectively. Both over that average. In a 18,000 seat stadium, I think expecting less then 15,000 would be a failure.

Average ticket price: $20.
Well ticket prices are going up this coming season, so expecting them to average $20 in a new stadium is not unacceptable.

Parking would likely be $3, but would be rolled into the ticket price -- so it'd still be free.
Due to the layout of the facility in the renderings that I've seen. It will be like Colorado's Dick's Sporting Goods Park with all the other activities around the stadium.

The stadium will have 30 luxury suites and 400 club seats, which would generate an estimated annual premium revenue of $646,000.
Generating more money is always a good thing.

Here would be 12 women's pro games (expected attendance: 5,000).
Looks like KC is heading towards getting itself a team for the new women's league as well. At least they have low expectations for that team.

Naming rights for the stadium would bring in $800,000 in 2010 and rise to $900,000 by 2014.
I'm hoping this is a low ball estimate like the attendance average from earlier, I would think stadium naming rights would get them at least $1 million.

Concession revenue would be split 50-50 between the Wizards and the stadium owners (the city).
This would be a great deal for the Wizards, the split revenue would give KC a bit more money, and since it's likely that the Wizards wouldn't be controlling the stadium in any regard getting half the revenue would be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff. I've been writing about the Wizards plans on my own blog, and at first I was a bit dismissive. But many Wizards fans made the case that the ownership group is really committed, and it now looks very promising to me.

Good luck, as a Fire fan, I think having more teams in middle America would be great for the game.

Anonymous said...

13,500 will be the low end of paid attendance. If you want to increase attendance, rule #1 is shrink the number of seats. The move to Community America will help heighten the scarcity and increase the demand. I think a $20 average ticket price is low. Maybe they do that the first year, but on the other hand, by making it too cheap they run into the same problem that all the cheap tickets of the Hunt era caused--people only attending when tickets were free or $6 with a Zard card. Granted, the low prices of the Zard card were what finally turned me onto MLS, and I missed it this year, but once the hook is set, they can raise the price.

I think they should go low the first season for season ticket holders and hardcore fans to ensure high attendance and create the right atomosphere, then gradually walk the price up a la the Chiefs through the 90s.

But then again, all I know about soccer I learned from FIFA 08.