Monday, November 19, 2007

Wizards Expansion List is Out.

Thanks to Sam Pierron, I have the list of protected players by the Kansas City Wizards, for Wednesday's expansion draft. The list that I created was not very far off the list that the Wizards ended up going with. Here's the list of protected players, those bolded were ones that I did not protect in my list.

Davy Arnaud
Jimmy Conrad
Nick Garcia
Michael Harrington
Jack Jewsbury
Eddie Johnson
Carlos Marinelli
Kurt Morsink
Scott Sealy
Sasha Victorine
Kerry Zavagnin

Those two replace Eloy Colombano and Kevin Hartman. Below then, is the list of players that the Wizards have left unprotected for the upcoming draft.

Burciaga, Jose
Colombano, Eloy
Elcock, Edson
Godbolt, AJ
Guadarrama, Willy
Hartman, Kevin
Hohlbein, Aaron
John, Will
Konopka, Chris
Kraus, Michael
Kronberg, Eric
Lowery, Amir
McMahen, Ryan
Pore, Ryan
Raybould, Ryan
Wahl, Tyson
Watson, Lance

Of the players on this list, there are a few that are more likely to be taken then others.

Jose Burciaga - I think he's the favorite to be taken. He's fallen out of favor with Coach Onalfo, and seems to be on his way out. Is a good attacking option out of the back.

Eloy Colombano - With the possible expansion on the number of foreign slots a player like Colombano could be a pretty good pick up for the Earthquakes.

Kevin Hartman - Of the guys I'm writing about here, he seems to be the most unlikely, even though he is a California boy. His age and his salary are probably the two big turnoffs for the 'Quakes.

Aaron Hohlbein - Maybe it's me, but I like this kid, I think he could be a good starter in this league. He started 4 games this season for the Wizards and looked pretty good doing it. Could fit in on the 'Quakes backline.

As you can see by the first link I posted, all the exposed players are listed there. There is some good talent available from the different teams. Houston in particular I see decent talent on there to be drawn from. Craig Waibel, Zach Wells, Corey Ashe, and Ryan Cochrane could all be taken. LA could see Kevin Harmse, Steve Cronin, Josh Tudela, or Kelly Gray taken. Definitely some decent talent in the draft. It will be interesting to see if Yallop plays it like Toronto did or how Salt Lake/Chivas did.

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