Friday, November 02, 2007

Wizards Control Their Destiny

The Kansas City Wizards are looking to do the same thing that the Chicago Fire did last night, and that's go on the road, protect their 1-0 lead, and get into the conference finals. The Fire did it in DC last night, and KC will try and do it on the other coast tomorrow when they take on Chivas USA.

As I posted earlier this week, Chivas will be without Ante Razov probably, as well as Maykel Galindo, due to their continued injury issues. In KC last weekend without those two, the Chivas attack couldn't mount many quality chances. Without them at home they'll likely continue to struggle.

The Wizards will likely still be without Carlos Marinelli for this game, although the latest is that he will be travel with the team to LA and could be on the bench for the game. Other then that, the Wizards look like they will be good to go for this game. I'd expect a lineup like we saw at home to line up tomorrow night at the Home Depot Center.

Jewsbury - Conrad - Garcia - Harrington
Arnaud - Morsink - Victorine
Sealy - Johnson

The Wizards only need a draw to advance, but playing like that's all they need will spell defeat. I'm sure both them and Chivas watched last nights game and know that a quick start will help to see them through.

KC - 1 (Sealy)
Chivas - 1 (Bornstein)
Wizards advance 2-1

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Anonymous said...

Like the talent. We'll have to see what happens. It looks like Marinelli will be out.