Monday, November 05, 2007

Wizards 2008 Home Is.....

Community America Ballpark. At least according to this Star article from Bob Luder. This is the location that I've been hearing would be the Wizards home for a few months now in "off the record" conversations.

As the article stats, some changes will be made to the facility to make it more acclimated to soccer, including modifying the right-center field wall. Thankfully the team will be putting sod over the infield dirt, much like DC United did for their games at RFK, which they shared with the Washington Nationals.

The article also contains information on the price of season tickets for next season.
Stadium seats - $405
Bleacher seats - $325
GA on Grass berm - $150

Single game tickets
Stadium seats - $25
Bleacher seats - $20
GA on Grass berm - $15

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