Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Waiver Draft Tomorrow

The MLS waiver draft takes place tomorrow at 2 PM central time. The Kansas City Wizards will have the 11th pick in the draft due to their being the worse finisher of the two teams that were eliminated in the conference finals.

Four Wizards are available for the waiver draft this year, all of them rookies from this past year. The most high profile is the Wizards 3rd round pick, Edson Elock. The other 4 were supplemental draft picks. Third string keeper, Chris Konopka, AJ Godbolt, and Mr. Irrelevant from last seasons draft, Willy Guadarrama.

There are one or two interesting names on the list, but the only one that I'd be really interested in seeing the Wizards draft is Chivas USA forward Laurent Merlin. Depending on his salary, Merlin could be a very good 3rd forward coming off the bench for the Wizards. Considering our third forward late in the season was Ryan Pore, I think Merlin would be a nice upgrade, IF the price is right. We'll find out tomorrow if the Wizards take anyone, or if it's like most waiver drafts, and no one is taken.

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