Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Attention Bloggers

Over the past day or so I've seen an influx of the number of bloggers writing about the Kansas City Wizards. This has to do with the Wizards announcing their home for the 2008 and 2009 season, Community America Ballpark.

Much of the discussion in these blogs has had to do with the small facility compared to the larger facility that the team had been playing in, the pros and cons of moving from the 80,000 seat Arrowhead, to this 10,000 seat facility. There are still the uninformed people out there though. People that think this is a terrible move, and that the team should be moved out of KC. My question to all those people is, who is going to move the Wizards?

The league? Well I certainly doubt that, MLS is not the owner of the Wizards, OnGoal LLC are the owners of the Wizards, and they'd have final say in any decision on whether the Wizards move or not.

The league does NOT move teams, owners do. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

OnGoal is a group of KC local businessmen, who have already put plenty of money into this team and community. For instance, building the multi-million dollar training facility that the Wizards call home. OnGoal is also working very closely on the redevelopment of the Bannister Mall site (including spending their own money to help with the designing of the project), with the hopes of building a SSS there, that would be completed by 2010. Call me crazy, but that doesn't sound like a group of owners that are looking to move the team.

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Ming Sino said...


The same goes for those yahoos who think they are going to move the Revs out of New England because the Revs don't have a SSS or, more recently, a youth academy with dormitories.

Yeah, move a team that drew the fourth highest in mLS and spend the money to erase the gridirons for the playoffs.

I think the KC move is a decent one for the fan support. A sellout atmosphere will add some buzz to the game.

Good luck.