Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sporting Win Preseason Finale

Sporting KC closed out their preseason schedule today in Orlando against Toronto FC.  After originally being grouped against their first kick opponent, Philadelphia, the schedule was changed so that Sporting took on Toronto. 

For Sporting KC, Chance Myers returned to the lineup giving KC a virtual first team starting lineup, save for Seth Sinovic who rested in place of Josh Gardner.  The other potential starter/substitute that did not play was Bobby Convey. Kansas City grabbed the lead in the 23rd minute after some good work by Soony Saad and Chance Myers led to Claudio Bieler getting his first goal of the preseason.  It was the only goal that Kansas City needed as they beat Toronto 1-0.  KC played the last 33 minutes up a man after Darren O'Dea picked up a red card.

Sporting not will return to Kansas City and begin preparing for the season opener against Philadelphia next Saturday.

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Nathan Martin said...

With Kamara proving that he is a world-class header of the ball, it's good to see that Bieler isn't Abe Thompson.

Good to see Saad's offensive output. He seems at risk of becoming discouraged.