Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Sporting Announce Radio Deal

Sporting Kansas City and Sports Radio 810 announced an extension to their broadcast agreement that will see the team partner with 810 through 2014. As part of the deal, 810 will once again be broadcasting some of Sporting's games, the five home games that are on national television. That would include the home opener against Chicago on March16th, the May 26th game vs Houston, the August 3rd match up with New York, the September 27th game vs Philadelphia, and the home finale on October 18th vs DC.

Along with the games, there will be a 30 minute pure game show as well.

'The Final Whistle' post game show with Dave Borchardt and Andy Edwards will return for the majority of the season. This will give fans something to listen to after games on the way home.

Also moving to 810 is Callum Williams' show. Last year he'd been on 610 for his show, but now Sporting will be just on 810. Williams' show will start on the 26th of February and be through the end of the 2013 season.

While much of the information for this isn't specifically 'new,' I still think this is a news worthy announcement. The big key for me is that it's a two year deal. Sports Radio 810 sees enough potential in Sporting to agree to this deal getting Sporting on the airwaves more. There was a time not long ago that Sporting fans would kill for a one hour radio show. Granted for parts of last season they had two, but I feel 810 has done more to push the sport. I know many people were wishing and hoping for more from this deal, but I think this is a step in the right direction.

Tonight on Between the Lines, Robb Heineman was on to discuss the deal. There are plenty of good points he brought up, but he also made some new comments as well. He mentioned that there are only 340 season tickets left for the entire season before they cap season tickets and that they're running out of single game tickets, as he said there getting close to just having standing room only tickets.

Also during the interview, Heineman was asked about Kei Kamara and him leaving for Norwich at least temporarily. Heineman brought up many of the points he did in his letter, but also brought up some of his discussion with Kamara and the 'risk' Sporting was taking to let him go. Heineman talked how he told Kamara he had to take a 'risk' in extending his MLS deal. He also said again that his priority should Kamara return is to get him to sign a contract that will see him end his playing career in KC. And if he doesn't return, Heineman said they'd get a decent transfer fee, which will allow them to look for one on the market. What that also tells me is KC is probably going to stand pat on bringing in more strikers until they know if Kamara will return.

Speaking of Kamara, Norwich City announced today that Kamara has received his visa clearing the way for him to head to Norwich. It's likely too late in the week for Kamara to have a role in Norwich's game this weekend vs Fulham, but with their game after that not until the 23rd he'd get time to train ahead of that game vs Everton.

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A breakout performance, and a £9m move to Chelsea in about a year. Too bad it was Norwich, Delia's face is spooky.