Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sporting Unveil New Primary Jersey

Tonight at Sporting Park, Sporting Kansas City unveiled their new jersey in front of 500 fans in the Field Club.  Earlier in the day a leak of the jersey showed up on eBay and set off a lot of concern from Kansas City fans. Plenty of commets about how plain it was and how it just didn't look right.

But after the announcement tonight, many of those comments have changed.  Many people seem to really like the new jersey.  It breaks up the monochrome look of the jersey that it'd had the last few years.  I really liked the previous jersey but this one is growing on me and looks really good.

With the jersey sponsor on it as well, the jersey looks complete.

After speaking with Chad Reynolds after the event (check out the special podcast that Thad and I recorded with him tonight) he gave a lot of insight into the process, from the addition of the extra line that appears on the jersey to the Adidas stripes, to the shorts and socks on the jersey.

Sporting KC is the ONLY team in the Adidas family that has the Adidas stripes in two different colors on the jersey.  Something that Adidas has never done.  It speaks to the level that Kansas City has reached that there able to work with Adidas and get them to do something that they'd never done for a team in the past.

As for the shorts and socks, KC looks to be making a few changes.  People have talked about the team's monochrome look at times, and KC will change it some this year.  At home, Sporting will be going with their Sporting blue primary jersey, Sporting blue shorts, and Sporting blue socks.  On the road (when they can) the team will be changing things up.  With their Sporting blue primary, the team will instead go with indigo shorts and socks, a change from their past look.

I'd originally said that I'd wait until I saw the jersey in person and on players before making my final decision, and as a whole I like the jersey.  I think it goes a bit of a different direction for the team, while at the same time keeping their brand with the Sporting blue. I think it gives a different element to the jersey that makes it stand out a bit.


Aaron said...

I don't mind the look of this jersey but my problem is a lack of a home and away jersey. With the only change being the shorts and socks this could lead to some problem for officials or players.

Mike said...

There is still last year's secondary jersey, the indigo that will be worn in conflict if need be.

aletheist said...

I wish that the team would wear the indigo shorts with the new jersey for at least one home game; I think that may actually be the best-looking combination. I also wonder if it would work to combine the primary shirt with indigo shorts and Sporting blue socks, thus extending the alternating colors.