Friday, November 16, 2012

Sporting Not Involved in Women's Team

Yesterday rumors started coming out that the new women's league that US Soccer is trying to get off the ground was going to have one of their teams in Kansas City.  Immediately speculation, especially in Kansas City turned to Sporting KC and adding a women's team under their Sporting Club umbrella. 

Today that news was dashed.  A spokesperson for Sporting commented to The Equalizer that if there is going to be a women's team in Kansas City, it's not connected to Sporting KC.  The spokesman said the team had spoken with US Soccer, but that they "don’t know where the recent report generated from and it does not pertain to Sporting Kansas City/Sporting Club.”

So that kills one potential owner of a women's team in Kansas City, and although Sporting is out of the running, that doesn't kill the potential for a women's team. 

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