Monday, November 19, 2012

Sporting Waive 4, Pass on Waiver Draft

Today was the MLS waiver draft for the end of the season (even though the season isn't technically over).  Sporting declined the options on four players, sending those four into the waiver draft today.  The biggest name of the four was Julio Cesar.  Cesar had played in 54 league games over the past two seasons, scoring 3 goals and 2 assists.  He added another assist in the playoffs in 2011.  The knock against Cesar is that he just turned 34 years old a few days ago, the second oldest player on the team behind Jimmy Nielsen.  And while Cesar still looked competent in the midfield, you have to wonder when the legs would give out on the Brazilian.  In all competitions, Cesar played in 60 games, starting 56 of them and logging 4,759 minutes.  Cesar has a history of not spending a ton of time with any one club.  In fact, Cesar's 54 league appearances is the second most appearances Cesar played with a single club according to his wikipedia page.  With Oriol Rosell holding down the position extremely well against Houston in the playoffs and Cesar's salary, the highest on the team, he became a expendable.  He'd stated previously that he wanted to stay in the US and coach, so we'll see if he stays around or if he goes back abroad.  KC could always look to attempt to re-sign him at a lower salary.

The second player waived was second round draft pick, Cyprian Hedrick.  Hedrick missed the majority of the season after breaking a bone in his foot.  He was limited to just 3 reserve league appearances, his only appearances for the club.  He never appeared in an official match for KC.

Third was Neven Markovic.  Markovic had developed a small cult following after some of his comments when he arrived, but Markovic didn't really get on the field.  He played in both the team's friendlies against Montpellier and Stoke, but was limited to only two league appearances, garbage minutes late on against the Columbus Crew in the 2-1 home loss, and a start at left back against DC United where he played the full 90 minutes.  It would seem the Markovic was never really able to challenge Lawrence Olum for the back up center back spot behind Aurelien Collin and Matt Besler.

The final player that was waived by KC today, was midfielder/defender Konrad Warzycha.  Warzycha made the switch from being a midfielder to a center back this year after missing his entire rookie year due to surgery.  Warzycha made 3 appearances for the club across all competitions this year, one league game and two US Open Cup games. His first appearance came in KC's 3-2 win ovr Orlando in the 3rd round of the Open Cup.  He then made his only league appearance coming on as a late sub in KC's 2-0 win over Toronto.  His final appearance for the club was as a sub in KC's 3-0 win over the Dayton Dutch Lions in the Open Cup quarterfinals.

All four players were available in today's waiver draft, where KC had the 14th pick.  KC passed on their pick, in fact, Cole Grossman was the only player selected, as the cormer Crew player was drafted by Real Salt Lake.  All four players are now free agents to negotiate with any club they wish.  As I said earlier, Cesar may stay in the US due to his green card and wish to coach.  Hedrick and Warzycha may try their luck in the lower divisions or get an invite to a team's preseason training.  Markovic has already headed back to Belgrade so I'm not sure he'll stay in MLS.


Jon Alan Schmidt said...

Are these four players, who all had their options declined, really free to sign with any team? If so, what is the point of the reentry draft?

Mike said...

Reentry draft is for players with 4+ years experience in MLS, which none of these guys have.