Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Connecting Dots

So we're going to play a quick game that might not make sense after all is said and done, but why not.  We're going to play connect the dots with information that has come out regarding a new women's league and a potential team in Kansas City.

First, last week came the rumor that the new US women's league that US Soccer was trying to start would involve 8 teams, and one of which would be in Kansas City.  The original rumor was that Sporting KC could be involved in the team, but that lasted for a day before Sporting shot down that rumor.  Even though Sporting KC was out as potential owners, the rumor of a team in Kansas City still existed.

The second dot came out today in a tweet today from Brian Buzinski, proprietor of the MISL Comets.

That Tweet started speculation that this could potentially be tied in with a women's team. 

The last dot to connect came later today when it was announced that US Soccer announced that they'd scheduled a press conference for tomorrow at 12pm central time.  The press conference is to "make a major announcement regarding US women's league."  The press conference will apparently include the Canadian AND Mexican federation in the announcement.  Canada wasn't so surprising in a new US women's league, the fact that the Mexican league is involved as well apparently makes this quite intriguing. 

So do all these dots connect to a potential women's team coming to Kansas City in the new women's league?  We could very well find out tomorrow, but it's not too hard to connect these dots and come to that conclusion.

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