Friday, November 16, 2012

A Look at Robb Heineman Blowing Up My Twitter Feed

Earlier today, Sporting KC president, Robb Heineman spoke at the Ivy Sports Symposium in New York City. During his presentation, Heineman said that the team's goal to be transparent with fans is a strategic decision so the team can compete with the Chiefs and Royals.  Tonight, Heineman put that practice to good use on his flight back.  On Twitter, he solicited questions from fans to keep him entertained.  For the next two hours, Heineman answered questions on Twitter.  Heineman answered a ton of questions of the two hours giving some information, hinting at other things, and trolling fans at other times.  Certainly the lines could be blurred, but it's things like this that have made this team so well accepted in this city right now.  Let's take a look at some of his answers, I'll throw in a few comments.

For a team that finished in first place in the East two years in a row Sporting certainly doesn't appear set to rest.  Six new players could be anywhere on the roster, from starting to bench warmer, but it is quite a few changes.  Plenty of comments throughout the chat with player movement.

Hopefully this helps put an end to this debate.  I know people want Sporting to buy the Royals and/or the Chiefs, but that isn't happening in the short term or in the real foreseeable future.

As I said earlier, the team is not resting with the roster the way it is.

Appears we've reached the end of the Javi Guerra to KC talk.

Heineman's biggest troll of the night.

The only way we'd have gotten much information here is if Roger Espinoza had re-signed with KC.

KC is one of the few teams left in the league without a shirt sponsor, and one of only two, with Colorado, to never have one.  Plenty of people have been on both sides of the debate, wanting KC to get a shirt sponsor, but some wanting to keep the clean front.  But you always knew that KC was going to work towards a jersey sponsor, it's a stream of revenue that KC has not taken advantage of yet.

As long as this happens, this saves me from a post I was going to write this offseason.  It's been 2 years since the Sporting Explorer App was launched and we still don't have anything to do with our coins and points.  The lack of "reward" has caused me to play the game less and less over the course of the season.  A goal to work towards would get me back involved.

Sporting's other out of contract player this year Matt Besler has gotten a lot more attention this year.  But like Heineman I don't expect him to go anywhere this offseason, I expect him to be re-signed soon enough.

KC's been rumored to be getting a third jersey next year, and one of the thoughts is that gray or silver would be the 3rd jersey.  Whether you want to believe this tweet means something in regards to that is up to you.

Choose whether you want to believe this one or not.  I'm not positive Crouch would work in our system with the amount of running that's expected, but he'd certainly give a big body to play those crosses to.


The MVP finalist has certainly attracted attention from Jurgen Klinsmann pushing himself into the naitonal team picture, but apparently from abroad as well.  Interest abroad is a big thing and makes the fact that Sporting locked Zusi down last off season all the more important.

Great news that Teal Bunbury is ahead of schedule in his recovery.

I really want to see some sort of hall of fame for the greats that have played for this team somewhere in the stadium.  I understand not copying the Chiefs, but doing something to honor those of the past would be nice.

Another one of those that I'm not sure about believing.  In the past the team has said that they'd need consistent sellouts for something like 10 years before even considering expanding LSP.  But maybe that mindset has changed.

Figured out he's trolling you yet?

Julio Cesar turns 34 in a few days, so his career is certainly winding down.  The question is whether KC would keep him for one more year to help ease someone like Oriol Rosell more into that role.

Sorry Arsenal fans.

All Star game isn't high on my list, but would certainly be a spectacle that would show off the stadium.

KC has improved their TV production and presence greatly over the past few years, glad it's going to continue to improve.

The reserve league's lack of player development is a problem for all MLS teams.  Really more teams need to look into loaning players out to get those fringe players more time so that they're able to contribute down the road.  The likes of Ruben Luna have suffered from an insufficient reserve league.

Poor Euro snobs and pipe dreamers that think promotion and relegation is going to happen in the United States.

Just another reason to never doubt this team's commitment to winning.

I enjoyed reading through his tweets tonight, but as I said earlier, take some with a grain of salt and some with a mountain of it.

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