Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Comets Owners to Own New Women's Team

So I didn't have to wait long on my thoughts on connecting the dots, the Star has broken the news that I'd guessed on earlier today, that the Missouri Comets owners will be the owners of the team in the new women's league.  The league which is set to kick off in the 2013 season will hold a press conference tomorrow where more details of the league will be announced. 

Where the team will play, name, etc. have all not been announced yet, but will likely need to get going soon. 

The press conference tomorrow is a joint press conference between the US Soccer federation, Canadian federation, and Mexican federation, which brings up the potential of a league representing 3 federations in CONCACAF.

The ownership will be adding a second team to under their ownership for the second time, as the the group had owned the arena football Command.  One concern that people could have right off the bat is the double ownership.  They dropped the Command after last season, and there is some history on the other side of the state regarding owning two soccer teams.  I would put the current ownership of the Comets above the ownership of Jeff Cooper in St. Louis when it came to AC St. Louis and St. Louis Athletica.  So while both teams may not last long term, I have little doubt that there won't be a situation where one team folds mid-season or lives the majority of the season under the cloud of likely closer at season end. 

I'll be interested to hear more information regarding the league tomorrow.

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