Saturday, November 03, 2012

Imitation the Highest Form of Flattery

Today I was doing some searching over the internet, checking out the rosters for the teams playing in the PASL (Professional Arena Soccer League) this year, seeing if there were any former SKC Wizards playing for any teams in that league that starts this weekend.  While doing so I came across the Toros Mexico, an indoor team that is "new" to the league this year, having bought the Revolucion Tijuana franchise.  The reason I'm bring this up?  Take a look at their logo:

Look familiar?  It certainly should.

Except obviously for the colors and some minor details it's the same, even down to the slant of the stripes on the logo.  Of course as I said when the logo leaked out originally, our logo looks a lot like the Eastern Conference logo to begin with.

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