Wednesday, June 15, 2011

KC Set to Host Third Round US Open Cup Game

The first round of the US Open Cup was yesterday while many Sporting KC fans were at the US-Guadeloupe game at LiveSTRONG Sporting Park. Today US Soccer announced the third round pairings for this year's US Open Cup. The third round is that Sporting KC and the other MLS teams will be entering the competition. KC will play one of two lower division teams in the 3rd round. KC will play the winner of Chicago Fire PDL and the Madison 56ers. The Fire PDL obviously plays in the PDL with the 56ers play in the NPSL. The two teams play this coming Thursday at Breese Stevens Field in Madison, Wisconsin. The winner gets to travel to Kansas City the following Tuesday, the 28th to take on Sporting KC at LSP. The home game for KC is in between a home game against Vancouver on the 25th and then play in Portland on the next Saturday the 2nd.

It seems like MLS teams are trying to do successfully this year as only one minor league team outbid an MLS side to host. Rochester will host Chicago if they defeat Harrisburg.

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Ok, Sporting KC - ticket information?