Wednesday, June 08, 2011

LSP Opens Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the home opener for Sporting KC at Livestrong Sporting Park. Here are a few news bits before the game tomorrow.

First, Thad posted it on Twitter today, and Robb Heineman mentioned it on 980 today, Sporting KC will not have a surprise jersey sponsor on the jersey for the game tomorrow. We'd heard previously that this was 50/50 for the opener anyway, so it's not terribly surprising. Hopefully KC can get one finalized soon. Maybe a good performance and atmosphere tomorrow could change someone's mind.

Second, the team announced today that there were only 200 tickets left available for the game tomorrow. The game is almost a sellout, although it's kind of surprising considering some of the Ticket Master searches people were doing this week. But we've almost got the full 18,467 seats full. The team though has also announced that they will be selling 1,500 standing room only tickets. That will put the capacity tomorrow around 20,000 if all the SRO tickets are sold.

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Aaron said...

Do you know how many tix for USMNT have been sold?