Saturday, June 11, 2011

Auvray Guadeloupe Fall to Canada

A second minute red card to midfielder Jean Luc Lambourde, put Guadeloupe behind the eight ball from the start against Canada in Gold Cup action today, but it took a 50th minute penalty by Dwayne De Rosario for Canada to capitalize on it and take all 3 points in their group play match. Auvray went the full game for Guadeloupe as captain, but Gaudeloupe find themselves on the verge of elimination heading into their final group game in Kansas City against the United States.

Speaking of the United States and the other group game, the US were stunned by Panama 2-1 after a flat first half from the United States (a pattern under Bob Bradley it seems). The result sets up an interesting final day in Kansas City at LiveSTRONG Sporting Park. With the US having the second game, they will know what result they need before they kick off. Even with the loss, the US can still win the group. To do so though, they'll need Canada to beat Panama in the first game. Should that happen, a win over Guadeloupe would possibly win the group for the US. If Canada and the US win it puts those two and Panama on 6 points. The first tie breaker is the most points in head to head match ups of the 3 teams, which each team would have 3. The second tie breaker is goal difference between the tied teams. The US is at +1 against those two teams. Currently Canada is -2 while Panama is +1. So any win by Canada by 1 or 2 goals will win the group for the US as long as they beat Guadeloupe. If Canada wins by 3 goals, I believe it would revert back to the first tie breaker to break the tie between the US and Canada, which the US wins. Either way, Tuesday should be a fun night.

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Thanks for clearing up the possibilities. I had been looking for a succinct summary all night!