Monday, June 06, 2011

Why Signing Nick Garcia Would be a Mistake

Today posted on the Star that it looks like Nick Garcia is going to be training with the team. It sounds like it's not quite a trial, but not quite just training either. And with the way that the center defense has played at times this season, one might think this is a good move to sign for the former Wizards player. Personally I really don't think it would be a good move for KC for two main reasons.

First, Garcia is not exactly good friends with Sporting KC forward, Kei Kamara. The two have a colorful history dating back to both players' time with the San Jose Earthquakes. It continued through Kamara's time in Houston, and continued with Garcia in Toronto, as Kamara left BMO last year with a gash in his thigh. Needless to say it doesn't sound like the type of relationship that will be taken care of with a quick handshake. And that certainly is not well for team chemistry, especially heading into an important part of the season with the home opener and all the other games coming.

Second, is Garcia much, if any, better than Julio Cesar or Shavar Thomas? I'm really not so sure at this point. The past few years in San Jose and Toronto, Garcia has been a part of some of the worst defenses in the league each of those years, not exactly a ringing endorsement for him. While Cesar and Thomas haven't been great, I don't think Garcia brings anything that they don't to the table. Add onto that, at least Thomas (due to his time in the league) and likely Cesar (due to his previous experience) are on guaranteed contracts, getting rid of either one of them, KC would still have their salary hit the cap. Any potential value over Cesar or Thomas is negated by the potential issue it could have with Kamara.

But this all could be for nothing as this really could just be him training with the team. But it'll be interesting to see how tomorrow works out, especially if Kamara is back from Sierra Leone tomorrow. I hope Peter Vermes knows what he's doing in this situation.


Ron Bishop said...

Bad news - this doesn't even have the entertainment value of Ochocinco. The dude has been a jerk.

Anonymous said...

obviously he doesn't know what he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting move by Vermes here.

Why is he bringing in a player who is known to have issues with one of your forwards when the team is struggling to score goals? And why is he bringing in a player with the alleged locker room history of Garcia?

Even if it is only to have him retire as a Spork, it hardly seems worth it.

Bob said...

The league long ago passed up one-dimensional players like
Garcia. Please don't sign Nick Garcia.

Anonymous said...

Signing no good, washed up players is exactly what will turn this team around!

Seth said...

I think the team should shamelessly promote a locker room prize fight: Winner takes all (MLS Contract), Loser gets cut. I give odds 5:1 in Kamara's favor (youth and reach advantage). I'll start taking bets now and give Rob Heinaman a 20% cut. Main event: Ochocinco vs a bull.