Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week 3 Attendance Comparison

photo courtesy of Jarred Donalson

Continuing with another attendance comparison after Kansas City's 3rd game of the season. The game last night was announced as a sell out, 18,467, that means through 3 games so far this season, KC is averaging 18,953. As I said in the original write up on this, I'm going to compare the attendance as the season goes on. The attendances are pulled from the press releases or the media guide for the team.

Here is the 3rd home game attendance for Kansas City, for the first two weeks, check out the previous entry here.

1996 - Arrowhead
Average - 15,898

1997 - Arrowhead
Average - 8,292

1998 - Arrowhead
Average - 8,643

1999 - Arrowhead
Average - 9,546

2000 - Arrowhead
Average - 6,723

2001 - Arrowhead
Average - 10,661

2002 - Arrowhead
Average - 14,569

2003 - Arrowhead
Average - 17,665

2004 - Arrowhead
27,969 - third highest in team history
Average - 19,293

2005 - Arrowhead
Average - 11,833

2006 - Arrowhead
Average - 11,572

2007 - Arrowhead
Average - 8,335

2008 - Community America Ballpark
Average - 9,071

2009 - Community America Ballpark
Average - 9,231

2010 - Community America Ballpark
Average - 10,219

2011 - LiveSTRONG Sporting Park
Average - 18,953

Below are the rankings of the average attendances per season. The number in parenthesis is the amount the year has moved up or down compared to their rankings after two home games.

1. 2004 - 19,293 (+3)
2. 2011 - 18,953 (-1)
3. 2003 - 17,665 (-1)
4. 1996 - 15,898 (-1)
5. 2002 - 14,569 (+3)
6. 2005 - 11,833 (-)
7. 2006 - 11,572 (-2)
8. 2001 - 10,661 (+4)
9. 2010 - 10,219 (-)
10. 1999 - 9,546 (-3)
11. 2009 - 9,231 (+2)
12. 2008 - 9,071 (-2)
13. 1998 - 8,643 (+2)
14. 2007 - 8,335 (-)
15. 1997 - 8,292 (-4)
16. 2000 - 6,723 (-)

The biggest movers between the years was 2001 which moved up 4 spots with over 14,000 in attendance for the third game of the season, and the 1997 season which fell 4 spots after only 6,272 showed up. The 2011 season falls to second currently thanks to almost 28,000 showing up for KC's third game of the season in 2004, the third highest attendance in team history.


Reepicheep said...

There had to be a couple thousand empty seats last night...that many people bought tickets and didn't show up? Strange.

Nathan Martin said...

It seems that they are going to call every game a sellout. But yes, I stayed home to watch the US - Mexico game and I couldn't be happier having watched that game live

KC Gunner said...

Well, there are supposed to be some 11,000+ season ticketholders, and it is tough to make it to every single game. A hot night in late June when the US was playing Mexico might have sounded like a good game to miss for a good few STH.

Dan said...

It's a matter of reporting tickets sold. All teams do this, it's not unique to KC, don't try to make something out of nothing.

Iknowthatwewillwin! said...

Also, look at the photo at the start of the article. There are tons of people on the area above the Cauldron that arent sitting in their seats...maybe if they did it wouldnt have looked like there were so many empty seats...Hell I spent some time up there myself and the view totally rocks!

KC Gunner said...

re: dan -- not sure anyone was making a deal of the policy of counting seats sold, not butts in seats. I think all the comments were operating on that understanding, and discussing theories why people who purchased tickets would not show up.

re:Iknowthatwewillwin -- the picture is not from this weekend's game, when we beat Vancouver. The opposing team in that photo is Chicago, the opening night opponent, when the announced attendance was 20,000+.

That does raise something of a question -- do we assume that when they do manage to sell a bunch of SRO tickets, like on opening night such that the announced attendance actually exceeds the listed capacity for the stadium, that they are just counting the "total tickets sold, including SRO" or do they then use an actual attendance number?

Drew said...

MLS and MLS teams have always fudge attendance. Look at FCD, they rarely look to have the same amount of people there as they say. The stand across from the main TV camera showed quite a few empty seats for the game. But Sporting KC is still finding their feet and they're still an MLS 1.0 team playing an expansion team, so I feel that has something to do with it. Both teams are still near the bottom of the league, too.

Iknowthatwewillwin! said...

KC Gunner - yes, you are correct about the game photo. I should have been more specific. But that doesnt invalidate my point, which was that there have ALWAYS been lots of people up there (yes always means all 3 game nights), even on Sat night...including me!

thomask said...

I asked a similar question about Dallas a while ago.

The response I got was that the apparent lack of attendance is is due to the lack of roof covering in the texas heat and the fact that neither cameras or fans like to look directly into the sun.

Makes sense, but empty seats is still empty seats.