Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Open Cup Qualifier May 25th

Sporting Kansas City announced today the date of their final US Open Cup qualifier against New England. The Wizards will play the Revolution on May 25th, at a location still to be determined. For KC the game comes between trips to Seattle and Colorado. For New England the game is between a trip to San Jose and a home game against the Galaxy. So both teams will have a bit of travel before the game.

The location for the game has not been announced, it had been assumed the game would be at either UMKC or Blue Valley, but tonight on Twitter Robb Heineman may have thrown out a big hint on the location of the game. Heineman posted "can you say swope open cup? No turf for the Revs." So are we going to see the Wizards play the Revs at the Swope Park training complex? I certainly hope that we don't. I think the Swope complex is a fantastic training center, but that's just it, it's a training center. For a real game, that doesn't exactly say professional to me. If they don't want to do turf, it also means a much earlier start time to the game to make sure it gets in, as there are no lights on the other fields out at the complex.


Anonymous said...

If they want a grass field Park would be a nice location.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm secure enough to not give a rat's tail where it is played as long as we win. Who cares where it is played, winning the game is ALL that matters.

Ron Bishop said...

Amen! on the "No Swope Park". Where are the stands? We should have a good sized crowd for the first Sporting Kansas City game in KC! Where's the restrooms for that crowd?

Does New England throw a candy ass tizzy fit when they play at Seattle?

Ron Bishop said...

My bad. Do we throw a candy ass tizzy fit when we play at Seattle? (or New England?)