Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Collin Suspension Rescinded

MLS' disciplinary committee today announced that Aurelien Collin will not be suspended for this weekend's game against New York. Collin was given a red card for "striking an opponent" aka shoving Benny Feilhaber. The league announced that after reviewing the play it was a case of mistaken identity as Birahim Diop was the one that shoved Feilhaber. MLS' said "US Soccer reviewed the red card issued to A. Collin and determined that the incident was a case of mistaken identity with B. Diop. As a result A. Collin will no longer be suspended for the next league match. The MLS Disciplinary Committee reviewed the play and ruled that no sanctions against B. Diop were warranted. Therefore, both B. Diop and A. Collin are eligible to play in their next match against New York Red Bull."

So basically what the league said is that the play was not a red card at all as they did not hand out any suspension to Diop as he was the one that shoved Feilhaber on the play. This is certainly good news for KC as in the 75 minutes he did play Collin looked much more competent in the center of defense than Julio Cesar or Shavar Thomas, who have partnered Matt Besler so far this season.


mrdot said...

I think the ref was itching to card Collin for his cheap-shotting and constant back-talk during the entire match.

I don't mind a defender willing to play a little dirty to break-up a play (especially with the rest of the midfield not willing to track back), but hopefully he has learned to keep his mouth shut.

Don Garber said...

The subtlety people fail to comprehend is that his challenge on Reis was neither a cheap-shot nor dirty; it was completely within the rules. It was the pathetic actions of the two pussies from NE that should really have been punished by the ref: reis kicking out = yellow and benny's simulation = yellow.