Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diego Chara to Sporting KC? (UPDATED)

Posted a little bit ago on Twitter was this comment from Raza Deportiva. For those that don't read Spanish, or don't want to pull up a translator, it basically says that Sporting KC is going to pay a $2 million transfer fee for Colombian holding midielder, Diego Chara. I've been unable to find anything other than that Tweet that links him with the SKC Wizards, but I did find this article that says that Chara has been sold to MLS for $2 million. Chara is a 24 year old holding midfielder currently playing for Deportes Tolima in the Colombian first division. According to his Wikipedia page, Chara also has one cap for the Colombian national team as well.

An interesting development for KC. Is this the player that Robb Heineman mentioned via twitter? The defense has been shaky this season, and could use some shoring up, but I still think central defense is the big need. We haven't gotten word on Aurelien Collin or Aaron Galindo and the transfer window for MLS is almost closed. The interesting thing will be what this means for the team's current d-mids, like Craig Rocastle, Stephane Auvray, and even Birahim Diop.

UPDATE: Robb Heineman has killed this rumor pretty quickly, posting on Twitter tonight that he's never heard of the guy before.


drew farmer said...

Too much money. It shows

Dan said...

And it shows you don't read the entire post considering Mike posted an update that says it's not happening.

Anonymous said...

too early to say "stop wasting your time believing tweets"?bad enough Tweeteman is more coy and cryptic than Sepp.

Anonymous said...

At least we can deduce that the club still shopping around for experienced defenders and apparently willing to pay decent money to shore up our sieve-like back line.

Juan said...

Diego Chara is a holding midfielder that can recover the ball and bring the ball up from the back. He's extremely talented but they need more backline help and unless they plan to use him alongside a Diop or Rocastle

This is what was reported in Colombia today as compared to their "unknown MLS team" from last night. http://bit.ly/fBg4mv

Chará flew to the States last night and did not ly with Tolima to Paraguay for their final Copa Lib match against Guaraní (they were already out to begin with).

Would it be a good pickup for an MLS team? Maybe. He wouldn't have been my first choice to make the move here. but he does have experience and upside. Hope that he can adapt quickly to the game and culture there.

There are some players in South America that surely need to be looked at as they would have tremendous impact in the league. Players like Sherman Cardenas as well as a Santiago García would be phenomenal in MLS.

Reepicheep said...

Chara to Portland.

Anonymous said...

I dont know about mexican defenders, Dulio Davino was crap for dallas, pretty much all the mexican players or "legends" havent given a carp about mls, from luis hernadez, hugo chavez, rafa marquez, and carlos hermosillo, havent just came here for a payday and dicked it here. the one exception, was Blanco, who was great for his first two year.Thats why I dont trust Bravo, and think belive he'll be a waste of money. I don't trust mexican internationals or dps, even young ones (Luis Landin, Houston dyamo)because they dont take the league seriously and dick it. Would to see money spent on a south amerian who take the league much more seriously and see it as a building block, rather than a kick about. Dayo moreno is having a huge year in columbia, an woud be a mich better player i believe.

Host Pay Per Head said...

really????? did Diego Chara actually go to Sporting KC?? I did not know about this rumor and I would like to know if it was just a rumor or not