Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday After Stats

Here are the stats from yesterday's game.

Aurelien Collin was the 150th player to appear in a competitive game for Sporting KC.

Collin picked up the third red card of the season for KC, they picked up 4 in all of last season.

Kei Kamara's first goal tonight broken his tie with Igor Simutenkov, Miklos Molnar, and Chris Henderson for 17th on that list. Kamara is now tied for 12th on that list with 14 with Jack Jewsbury, passing Matt McKeon, Jose Burciaga Jr, Sasha Victorine, and Claudio Lopez in the process.

Karama's second goal was also his 14th goal in all competitions, moving him into 20th place on that list passing Chris Henderson.

In th the 5th minute, Davy Arnaud moved past Jimmy Conrad and into 3rd place for league minutes played, he finished the game with 18,280 minutes played.

In the 73rd minute, Michael Harrington moved past Uche Okafor and into 13th place for the most league minutes played. He finished the game with 9,531 minutes played.

Harrington also made his 117th start in all competitions for KC, breaking his tie with Okafor for 14th place.

Shavar Thomas made his 100th appearance in all competitions for KC. He's the 24th player to hit that mark.

Matt Besler made his 50th appearance in all competitions. He is the 45th player to hit that mark.

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