Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Potential Player News

In the past day or so there's been some interesting news on some potential players for KC that has come out. The biggest bit of news came from Robb Heineman last night on Twitter where he stated that the team had come to a verbal agreement with a defender/defensive midfielder. Certainly a good sign after the performance late in the game in Vancouver. And is that player Aaron Galindo? That's the belief of Andy over at The Daily Wiz. Galindo has most recently played with Chivas Guadalajara in 2009 through 2010 after spending time with Eintracht Frankfurt and Grasshoppers. He began his career with Cruz Azul. Back in 2005 Galindo was suspended for testing positive for performance enhancers. He hasn't played a competitive game in about a year, and has recently been trying to settle a lawsuit with Chivas. Certainly an interesting pick up and will be interesting to see what comes out of this.

In other news, Andrew Wiebe has some more news on potential players in today's notebook. First, as Thad and I talk about on this week's podcast, Michal Mravec is gone from the team, looks like just the number of internationals already with the team. The UAB midfielder had made it all the way through preseason but couldn't find a spot on the team's roster due probably in large part due to his international status. The other news is on a trialist that's been in camp for a while, Omar Colley. The team appears very interested in signing the Gambian, but even though he's out of contract his former club is wanting some compensation by the Wizards that the team currently looks unwilling to pay. It will be interesting to see if they can reach some kind of agreement.

Finally on Aurelien Collin looks to be in a similar boat as Colley where he current club is wanting some compensation. He is basically going to arbitrators to try and get out of his current contract. If he can he could be here soon. Hopefully the team can get it done soon.


Anonymous said...

I thought you signed Collin was signed. Headline: "Aurelian Collin Signed".

Mike said...

I was wrong, forgive me I'm not perfect.