Monday, March 28, 2011

Sporting to Play Magpies

Today we got word of a summer friendly for Sporting KC at their new stadium. This year the opponent is not Manchester United, but it will be a team from the EPL and from the northern part of England as Sporting KC will be taking on Newcastle United. United returned to the Premiership this year after spending one season down in the Championship. They currently look like they'll be back next season as well with still a few months left in the season. It should be an interesting turn out to see how the Magpies draw here in Kansas City. With the new stadium this is certainly to be a very good crowd, but they are also a well supported club that will certainly have it's share of fans in the stands for the game.

I know I'm foolish to hope for this, but I hope that this does not force KC to move one of their league games for this game. I was ecstatic last year with the Manchester United friendly, but I hated the fact that the game against the Chicago Fire had to be moved. With the schedule congestion that KC has late in the season this year, adding more congestion with another midweek game to put the Newcastle game on a weekend won't do the Wizards any favors in their fight to get into the playoffs. And as Gooch posted on Twitter tonight, we still have the home/home series with Chivas Guadalajara that seems likely to be scheduled this summer, adding more congestion to the schedule. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see that KC is not part of the summer friendly rotation, but I don't like league games having to be moved to accommodate them.


Drew Farmer said...

Three friendlies this yr? I think they should focus on the league and not worry about these "money makers." Call me old fashion. I don't see Newcastle United being a huge draw, however, there are pleny of Newcastle fans that would make the trip to the States.

MOUF said...

@ Drew

in fairness, the victory over Man Utd lead to us playing better from then out, we had a new confidence.

i do agree though, its a reality that these games effect the season.

Newcastle, despite their recent drop then then promotion and decline overall since the 80s, is one of the most supported club teams in England. They may not seem like a popluar team to the Midwest native that sees mostly the bandwagon Man Utd, Barca, Aresnal fans for the most part, but I assure you, they are a very big club and their fans absolutely love them

Moop said...

As a member of the Toon Army, I'm ecstatic about this friendly. I'll admit, I'm an American born and raised in the Midwest (and therefore I guess you could say a poser supporter), but for whatever reason, I latched on to the Magpies and follow them like mad.

Aside from the stadium and Omar Bravo, this is the best news to come out of the front office in some time. Don't get me wrong, Man. U. was cool, but I would rather watch two teams I love.

I usually bag on Ashley (NUFC owner) and Rob & the front office here in K.C., but this definitely earns them both points in my book.

Sidenote: too bad Carrol went to Liverpool before they came here.

Again, very cool.