Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Ochocinco is Coming

Last week on Twitter, Kei Kamara and Teal Bunbury tweeted at Cincinnati Bengals' wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco, saying he should come train with Sporting KC now that the NFL has locked the players out. I'd avoided comment on the topic at the time because I figured it was just going to go away with out anything so I really did not want to get on it. But today things went to the next level and it's impossible not to talk about. Ochocinco announced on Twitter that he would be training with Sporting KC next Tuesday. The team shortly after confirmed that Ochocinco will participate in a four day trial with the club. For the full story on it, check out the Star's article on Ochocinco's trial.

At first glance this would appear to be a publicity stunt by the team, possibly similar to the signing of Sunil Chhetri that also looks a bit like one for the Indian crowd. But the more you read Ochocinco's comments on the potential trial and those of Peter Vermes, this is a serious trial and Ochocinco seems to have hopes of actually making the team. From Vermes' conversations with Ochocinco, the NFL player is wanting to take this seriously and try to play. Knowing Vermes if he's not taking this serious he's not going to stick around long. Ochocinco himself admitted that he's not in game shape now but is certainly wanting to get into game shape.

It has certainly created a buzz around not just the city, but the US as a whole, it was a lead story on Sportscenter and multiple other sports shows. It was one of the main topics of discussion on radio shows around the city and I'd bet the US. From some that I listened to they all saw this as a positive as a chance for Sporting KC to get some good publicity. It'll be interesting to see what happens with this trial. And while I'm still extremely skeptical o this as a whole I'm willing to see what happens and see what he can do on the field.


Anonymous said...

Assuming you do sign him to maybe a 3month deal.....what do you pay him? It's not like he's straped for cash. I think it'd be funny to pay him the minimum.

Moop said...

So let's get this straight. Other teams in the league are signing guys who have played for Hull City, Hertha Berlin, Tottenham, Sochaux, Ajax, Real Madrid, and Barcelona. Kansas City on the other hand is looking to players from Cincinnati . . . . in the wrong kind of football league.

Don't get me wrong. I love Kansas City's team. I will continue to support them - likely no matter what. I have to ask though, why don't I hear more voices of concern from the teams "supporters". Everyone swallows the goofy name change, the bad logo, the lame newborn baby color scheme, and the lack of big name player acquisitions.

Just because they are building a new stadium - for themselves (at the end of the day) - doesn't mean we can't expect more from the front office and coaching staff.

What the hell do I know, I'm just a member.

Isn't that another name for a tool?

Anonymous said...

We signed a player from Madrid, AC Milan, and a player from Red Star Belgrade...

Did you seriously put Hull City in that category? LOL

Ochocinco said...

@ Moop
Child please

Moop said...


I stand corrected. I do appreciate that someone picked up on the Hull City inclusion (though to be fair, they were in the Prem, but still LOL).

To be more precise, I guess I was looking for a bigger name (similar to Bravo) with consistent play at a higher level and ideally one club. Am I picky? Yes. I guess I just want piece of mind instead of journeyman quick fixes that might be gone by year end.

By the way, the Red Star Belgrade guy never made any appearances for them. However, to be fair, several SKC players have ties to big teams (Arsenal, Chelsea, etc.), other notable European teams (Benfica, Olympiacos, Bolton), and several mid-level English teams (but I'm a fan of the Football Leagues).

Just the opinions of an ardent fan. Likely misinformed opinions, but opinions nonetheless.

J said...

This sorry episode is an embarassment for the team. It's already annoying to be a fan in this town - what? Sporting? what do they do - and now doubly annoying givven that the answer is "engage in gimmicky and demeaning-to-the-sport promotions." What does it say about the quality of MLS and our club to invite some guy to practice who hasn't played in a decade and a half and who is getting on in years to boot. Either our team and league suck, or Chad Ochocinco is one of the greatest athletes in history.

Anonymous said...

Or it means neither of those J. A trial doesn't mean crap for Ochocinco in the league.

Bo Knows said...

Lest we not forget we are the same city where the great Bo Jackson proved he could star in two sports?

Why not again. And for the record, if 85 makes he is another Bo. If not he proves MLS players are damn good athletes! What's to lose, except for the insecure amongst us who place their entire self-worth in what the team does off the field.