Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Comets vs Wave Playoff Game PBP

Here's the play by play for tonight's Comets playoff game against the Milwaukee Wave.

Have some trouble getting the Cover It Live console to load right now. Hopefully it'll load soon and I can get going. The teams are going into the locker rooms now after finishing warm ups.

Still having issues, Galaxy girls are out right now. If it doesn't load soon I'll do the first quarter just here, old school style. It may not be as intensive as previous ones but at least you'll get PBP.

Sporting KC president is in the house somewhere tonight enjoying his first Comets game. Wave are being introduced now.

Nate Houser is back in the team for the game tonight, not starting tonight though but the experience could come in very handy.

We've kicked off here and the Wave have been dominating possession, the ball has barely been out of the Comets half.

More Net trouble, here's some more updates from the first half.

ball goes out for the wave, they restart, but MO wins it back annd controls.

Wave partially clear, Alvarez can't control a cross, and the wave keeper collects, under 30 on the PP left.

Wave win back off the restart but the PP is now up annd we're back even

Assadpour just wide

restart at the top of the arc after the wave try to clear

back and forth again as neither team can hold possession.

foul on Moura (more internet troubles if you couldn't tell)

Waltman pushed down from behind, Comets restart

assadpour with a 3 poinnt shot off the cross bar, and Olivas can't put away the follow up, still 2-0, 8:22 left

foul on Milwaukee

foul on the Comets after the restart,

wave in control again, but waltmann collects

Comets counter, Harris finds Dzilic, whose pass back to Harris is behind him.

Tiguinho with a shot blocked and Dzilic shots wide

foul on the wave and the comets will restart

comets in control still, getting more possession now

moura shot saved, alvarez puts the rebound wide

Comets still controlling GOAL.


Beasley played the ball to alvarez who played it in front of Beasley, Assadpour took the shot it rebounded off the post back to Assadpour who buried it to make it 4-0 Comets!

Wave will kick us off again.

Wave control off the kick off, with 4 left in the 2nd.

Alvarez with a break away, but his chip is handled well by the Wave keeper and he keeps it 4-0.

Stokic with a block and the wave have a restart. goes through the box, shot back saved by Waltman, Comets counter and GOAL!! 6-0 Comets. Olivas got the final touch to put it in after, a cross to the back post by Assadpour.

after the restart, foul on the Wave, Comets will restart

Houser has a shot saved, Comets counter and Waltman saves

Moura puts one off the post, it could be 8-0 there. 1:30 left

wave controlling, but a shot is over the bar, Comets goalkeeper restart

1 min left in the half, alvarez almost gets through but good defense by the Wave.

wave controlling to end the half, but the Comets are going to go in up 6-0 it looks like.

And that's the half 6-0 Comets after the first half.

Sorry if you were following along on the Cover It Live, wireless here just isn't cooperating tonight so I'll do it the old fashion way in the second half.

Teams are back out for the second half, can the Comets keep the lead and go to Milwaukee needing to only win one of the two "games".

Wave kick off this quarter and hold control early.

Comets win it back in the Wave's defensive third but dont' get a good look.

Wave still in control of the ball now.

Comets are getting stuck in their own end again as the Wave hold it in.

Comets win a free kick in their own third

Moura shot blocked, and Comets lose possession.

Long ball from the wave is right at Waltman.

Wave in control again at midfield.

11:30 left in the quarter.

wave shot blockedbut not cleared, foul on Alvarez.

Alvarez gets into a bit of a shouting match with the the wave player.

Wave try to take the free kick quick, but it gets called back and they'll start again.

Wave lose it and Comets try to counter but Rodriguez's pass is too long.

Assadpour shot from 3 point saved.

Beasley sent through, but the Wave keeper is quick off his line.

Wave shot is just high and on the rebound waltman saves

Wave in control again, but Harris slides the ball away annd the Comets collect, waltman eats a couple seconds with the ball at his feet. and then distributes.

Moura fouls the Wave player at midfield and they get possession.

Wave still holding possession.

Scrum in front of Waltman and he comes up with the ball.

Foul on Milwaukee on Alvarez.

Through ball to Beasley but the shot is saved.

Blue card has come out on the Comets Leo Gibson, power play for the Wave.

Ball to the back post but the shot isn't on target and a header to Waltman and he clears.

Wave win possession back and set their offense.

Harris gets the ball cleared to him, he goes into the corner and then to goal, but is going a little fast and runs over the keeper giving the foul.

Comets playing solid defense, timeout on the floor with 36 seconds left on the power play.

We're set to go again with a wave restart at midfield.

Waltman collects after a couple blocks.

Waltman holds it then calls time with 15 seconds left on the PP.

Moura shots just wide after the restart, penalty expires and we're back level.

Wave in control still.

Foul on the Wave at the yellow line, 5:27 left in the 3rd.

Comets give the ball away and the wave attack again.

shot is saved by Waltman.

Alvarez starts a break, feeds it to Stokic who has his shot saved. 4:24 left.

Wave in control again as the Comets are set to defend.

Gibson breaks ou but plays the ball behind Moura.

MO keeps it in though and wins a foul.

Shot is out and the Wave restart.

Comets having trouble clearing and Houser fouls the wave player in the defensive 3rd. 3:14 left

Waltman saves the shot.

Comets counter but Beasley's touch let's him down.

Wave with possession now with 2:30 left in the 3rd.

Comets win it back, Alvarez starts the counter but the pass is behind Assadpour.

Comets keep it in. Assadpour dances around his defender and fires a shot that is saved and knocked out for a corner.

Comets still in control keeping possession.

Rodriguez puts his man into the wall and earns himself a blue card with 1:10 left in the 3rd.

Waltman knocks a shot wide and the rebound is over, Waltman restart coming.

Wave get the ball back and attack again, shot is saved by Waltman and we're under 30 left in the 3rd.

Wave get it back and the Comets have held off at the end of the third still up 6-0.

Wave had some late chances, but blocks and Waltman saves.

We're ready to start the 4th quarter, Comets still have 50 seconds to kill on the power play.
Comets kick us off in the 4th. Ball played over the top and the wave control. Shot is high and Waltman grabs the rebound.

Wave keeper takes a bit of a dive and MO has killed the penalty.

Comets trying to slow it down a bit now and keep the ball.

Waltman plays it over the top but the wave keeper collects.

Wave free kick

shot is high after the restart.

top of the arc free kick for the wave.

13:00 left in the game.

shot is high, wave control the rebound, but play it out.

Comets control, high pressure from the Wave now

Gibson with the block on a shot by the Wave. Waltman looked beat.

Assadpour with the block, MO with a few chances, but the wave keeper makes the save.

Lots of space developing as the Wave press and the Comets try to countner.

Alvarez wins the ball back and the Comets control.

Moura's been down but the Comets have trouble winning it back to get play stopped.

Moura was holding his head and usually that gets the play stopped immiedately.

Finger pointing going on from the Comets bench toward one of the Waves palyers.

Comets will restart the ball, Comets still complaining of an elbow to Moura.

Alvarez shot blocked into the middle, Assadpour's follow up is saved. 10:40 left.

Waltman collects an easy header and the Comets control.

Beasley collects, but was looking for Rodriguez and loses it.

Alvarez holds onto the ball and gets fouled at the 3 point line.

Gibson to Houser who skies it.

Back and forth now, Comets with the better possession.

Ball out and the Wave will restart.

Comets counter and win a top of the arc restart.



Off the top of the arc restart, Tiguinho takes the shot and it deflects in off a Wave defender.


Comets have taken the pressure and countered well tonight 8:21 left in the game.

yellow line violation on the Comets, wave to restart. I'm sure we'll see a 6th attacker soon for Milwaukee.

They take a timeout on the restart, do we see the 6th attacker now? 8:16 left.

No 6th attacker yet for the Wave.

The shot is cleared but the Wave regain possession.

Another shot is cleared with 7:30 left.

Shot is over by the Wave.

Comets controlling the ball, but Alvarez loses it and Wave counter, Harris blocks a through pass, but Wave get it back.

goal Wave. They're giving them 3 for it, for Santos.

Comets kick back off, and the Wave win a free kick with 6:38 left in the game.

Comets with some half chances, but the shots are cleared and at the other end the Wave win a free kick.

Free kick is off the glass and Wave regroup.

Comets kick back off, and the Wave win a free kick with 6:38 left in the game.

Comets with some half chances, but the shots are cleared and at the other end the Wave win a free kick.

Free kick is off the glass and Wave regroup.

Comets get caught up on an attack and the Wave come down and score to make it 8-5 now.

It was a 3 on 1 against Waltman and the Wave player just lifted it over him into the net.

It's now a 1 goal lead for the Comets after being up 8-0. 5:27 left in the game. Comets timeout.

Still no 6th attacker for the Wave as the Comets kick off again.

Dzilic with a 3 point shot, is saved.

Gibson wins it back Rodriguez fires from 3 point range but it's paried wide.

Miscommunication by Waltman leads to many good chances for the Wave but the defense comes up with blocks. And Waltman finally holds it to slow it down.

Tiguinho held and the Comets win a free kick.

Assadpour off the glass on the restart.

Wave attack 3:21 left in the game.

Tiguinho with a great tackle.

Alvarez fires two shots, one blocked, one wide, Comets control 2:30 left.

Foul on Alvarez, the Wave call a timeout, under 2 left in the game.

6th attacker coming for the Wave now.

Wave are attacking after the restart.

shot over by the wave with 1:18 left for the Comets.

Wave win it back and are on the attackagain.

Wave change 6th attackers 1 min left.

Shot is wide by the Wave.

Another shot wide by the wave

WAltman with a save


Assadpour ices it with a shot from the top of his own arc, 3 point goal 11-5.

The roar from the crowd on that goal was the loudest I've heard here at the IEC for a game.

And that's it. Comets win 11-5 and go to Milwaukee with a chance to make the finals.

GREAT defensive performance by the Comets tonight absorbing the pressure from the Wave throughout much of the game. Some good goals as well as the Comets pull out the win 11-5. Full write up coming later tonight.


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