Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jewsbury Traded

In a move that was surprising but not incredibly shocking, Sporting KC traded midfielder, Jack Jewsbury to expansion side, Portland Timbers for allocation money. Jewsbury's playing time reduced last season as Craig Rocastle started to adjust better to MLS soccer and with his salary close to $150,000, this trade gives KC allocation money to use and more salary space to use. There are draw backs to this trade though, Jewsbury may not have been great at any one position, but in his eight years in KC he basically played everywhere but in net for the Wizards. His versatility as a "jack of all trades" will be hard for KC to fill. Especially in the experience factor. Jewsbury was the team's second most tenured player for KC after Davy Arnaud, having been with the team since 1/17/03 when he was drafted by the Wizards.

Jewsbury finishes his Wizards career in the top ten of multiple categories. He finished in 7th place for league minutes (13,275), minutes in all competitions (14,973), league appearances (195), appearances in all competitions (218), league starts (142, tied with Mo Johnston), and all competition starts (162). He also finished 8th in assists in league and all competitions with 20 and 21 respectively. In terms of goals, Jewsbury finished his career in 12th in league goals with 14 and 16th in all competitions with 15.

A sad day for many fans, but the full results of this trade won't be known until we find out how much allocation money KC got (I'm sure it wasn't a small amount), and what KC does with that money. Good luck to you Jack.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Jewsbury fan so I'm disappointed to see him go. Its hard for me to see us losing so many of the guys who have been around for a while, especially Jimmy and Jack. I really wish they were both going to be around for the opening of the new stadium. Atleast for them, they'll get to leave the team as Wizards instead of ever having to compete under our awful rebrand. I hope Jewsbury does well in Portland. I'll always be a fan.