Wednesday, March 09, 2011

SKC vs RSL Take Two

After the incident last night during the Sporting KC vs Real Salt Lake scrimmage nobody would have been surprised if the teams called off today's reserve match up. The two teams did play though, and Salt Lake came out on top of this game, 1-0 on a goal by Paulo Araujo Jr. KC played their reserves with two trialists, Omar Colley, and the ever popular Trialist 1. There were two known trialists that did not play today, draft pick Michal Mravec and Sinisa Ubiparipovic. No word on what's going on with those two, if they're gone from camp or not.

There were no incidents in the game today like last night when the game was called early. More information has come out on the incident and KC has made some comments on last night. Sporting KC said through Rob Thomson that Omar Bravo did not kick Javier Morales in the head. As for those curious about why Kei Kamara, Teal Bunbury, and KC's other players on Twitter did not comment about the event the same way that RSL players did, it's because the team asked the players to avoid commenting on Twitter.

Other than those comments, RSL has been winning the PR battle in this incident. Obviously this hasn't been a major concern for KC as yesterday featured the big stadium announcement with Livestrong. But addressing this in a full capacity may not have been a bad idea either. Of course if a local sports radio station was willing to ask questions like ESPN 700 in Salt Lake did, maybe we'd get more information on the KC side of things. But as I said, the team had a lot more important things to talk about today than this game.

As others have said elsewhere, this certainly will add some spice to the meetings during the regular season, although it's disappointing that they're not until later in the season.


Unknown said...

Really andy williams making a threat...I would be more scared of my 10 month old daughter circling these dates and putting me on her most wante list...what a joke

hartley said...

Silence does not equate to guilt.

On the other hand, I could believe anyone not on RSL might kick Javier Morales. He's a dirty player. Talented yes. But also dirty. I have watched only a few games when he's been on he field and I see him do many things off the ball when the center ref is not looking. Dirty.