Friday, March 11, 2011

To the Fans of Sporting KC

The season is just over a week away from starting. Seriously, containing my excitement for the season is getting hard to do. While I still have my questions about the team, I'm so ready for this season to start. I mean a week from now I'll be in LA for the opener against Chivas USA. Trips to LA and Chicago to kick off the season will certainly help with my excitement for this season.. Speaking of Chicago, if June 9th is too far away for you to see the Wizards play live, get on the bus and go to Chicago. The first bus is filled, but a second bus is filling up now so get on. It's $80 for the bus, and then a hotel room, so when it comes to road trips it's a fairly cheap one for KC fans. Read about that and other events that the Cauldron has set up for this important season here. And read their letter to the fans below.

To the fans of soccer and SKC:

The season is a blink away, and through this long off-season, we’ve been fortunate to see our club grow and cultivate something more than the status quo when speaking about what our soccer club is. Our home has been christened and the seeds have been sown. The Cauldron, the people of Kansas City who support this club and soccer - it’s time to reap. From the Northland to JoCo, Lee’s Summit to The Dotte, and from Waldo to the River Market, we all come together for one cause. This cause has spread and has multiplied, with sightings and smoke signals from Wichita, Columbia, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Denver, Omaha, Tulsa, Des Moines, Dallas, the Twin Cities and beyond. Since 1996, this group has grown, evolved, suffered through the horror of losing our most prized possession, and learned to live as nomads. Wild men and women we are, and most definitely will continue to be. But now it’s 2011. Can you see it? Can you see the summer air and taste the cool green grass? Can you see us standing together in our bright cathedral chanting, swaying, and willing as one?

Before we get to open Livestrong Sporting Park in June, we are RALLYING for our club at Johnny’s Tavern in P&L (1310 Grand), on Monday, March 14th - with a Cauldron flare. We have invited many of our Sporting KC players to come out and meet with us, not as an official “team” event, but as an event for the players, by the fans. They have responded with exuberance, and can’t wait to mix it up with the faithful on Monday evening. This is a great chance to meet some of the new signings, catch up with fan favorites, and have a ridiculous good time.

Sporting Kansas City, as you may know, faces a road trip in proportion to Homer’s Odyssey. It won’t be ten years, but ten straight road games in hostile environments, scrapping for points, and just trying to get home. This has never been attempted in MLS history, though some clubs have attempted ‘lesser’ away excursions (all waiting for their new stadium to be completed) with very little, if any, success. But where other clubs have failed, we will be ninja.

There can’t be a better way to show support for the players of SKC than to shower them with encouragement, nachos, and beer burps. Make no mistake, we MUST RALLY at 6 PM on Monday, and send our players off to Los Angeles ready to do the work, and the dirt.

One last note on this event: it’s a Cauldron fund raiser, but is OPEN TO ALL FANS OF SKC AND SOCCER. A portion from all the food and drink we tab is going right back into the Cauldron coffers. This money will be used to create you a better, brighter, and wilder Cauldron. Essentially, the money you generously spend is going to return to you in some form. We’re not looking to make any sort of profit.

You’re awesome, and see you at Johnny’s!

Sincerely yours,

The KC Cauldron Hype-Machine

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