Saturday, March 12, 2011

Open Tryout Participants

So I had trouble finding the open tryout participants yesterday (now with all the other stuff I wrote about yesterday I will say I did not look incredibly hard). I had the list pointed out to me this morning and being the person that I am I ended up going through the list again looking for the players that are participating. The tryouts are going on today and tomorrow out at the team's Swope Park training complex. I actually have seen one of the players this year on the list play before, Garrett Webb, the former Drake Bulldog is listed as signed up. Here's the list of players I was able to find some information on.

Aiden Ashmore - Played at the University Of Science And Arts Of Oklahoma.

Gerry Munyanna - Played at Keene State.

Leyton Sherer - Played at Columbus Unified High School in Columbus, KS.

Elmer Aragon - Played at Manchester Community College.

Jeff Moffit - Appears to be from the Springfield area.

Frankie Sullivan, Jordan Hofman, and Mark Dryden - All from William Penn University.

Brian Faulkner - Found a Brian Faulkner at Herkimer Community College, but that one is listed as a goalkeeper.

Festus Agyekum - Was at the tryouts last year.

Dane Hill - Played at UC Santa Cruz, the Banana Slugs.

Noah Suter - Played at Western Illinois.

Kofi Boateng - Played at UMASS Boston.

Yaw Danso - Played at one time at Principia College.

Andrew Banerjee - Looks to have some Youtube highlights.

John Kankam - From the KC area, at Xavier.

Sawad Madar - Played at East Central College.

James Parker - Played at Huntington University.

Garrett Webb - Drake University graduate.

Corey Koshner - Found a Youtube highlight of him.

Marcel Salas - Played at Western Nebraska Community College.

Addison Stonestreet - Played on KU's club team and competed last year.

Victor Romero - Played at Rocky Mountain Community College.

Giancarlo Montenegro - Played at The College of Saint Rose.

Santiago Lara - Played at Bergen Community College.

Mohammad Ebrahimi - Iranian professional if this is the same person.

Jose Montalvo - From the Houston area.

Birol Ferad - Played at North Port HS in Florida.

Jorge Dominguez - If it's the same player, he's played in the US Soccer Developmental Academy.

James Goodwin - Former Syracuse player that trialed in Norway.

Masaki Kato - Played at Hesston College

Arnaldo Miranda - Played at KCK Community College

Yudai Yamaguchi - Played at Columbia College.

Jesse Derksen - Played at the University of Central Florida.

Michael Tilatti - Played at the Illinois Intitute of Technology.


Ole said...

Jeff Moffitt - William Woods/Camdenton

Jordan Hoffman - Missouri State/Parkway Central possibly?

Mike said...

It could be that Jordan Hoffman Ole, I was assuming it was the one from Penn because I'd already found 2 from there and figured they'd traveled together or something.

Christian Sinclair said...

Thanks for compiling this list. Pretty comprehensive. Must of taken you a while.