Monday, March 21, 2011

Awards for Local Pros

Four players from Sporting Kansas City and the Missouri Comets were given awards today by their respective leagues.

First, Omar Bravo was given the MLS Player of the Week award for his two goal performance against Chivas USA. There were some good candidates this week, the 2 goals in 2 games performance by Juninho, and the feel good story of Charlie Davies, who scored two goals this week for Chivas USA. Bravo's performance though won top honors for a magnificent chip and deft touch or the second.

In the indoor game, the Comets season is over, but some year end awards were given out today. Forward Bryon Alvarez and forward turned defender, Leo Gibson both won themselves 1st team all MISL honors for their play this season. At the moment Alvarez has to be considered a favorite for the MVP award and the Comets big turn around can be contributed in part due to Gibson dropping back into a more defensive position for the Comets. Jamar Beasley also got himself a league honor as he was named to the second team. Congrats to all our of the local players on the awards.

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