Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inside the Stadium

This past week, season ticket holders had their first opportunity to go inside the stadium on tours and hear from both Robb Heineman and Dave Ficklin as they answered questions about the stadium itself. Unlike the Bannister site where I could stop by on my way home from work it's been harder for me to get inside the stadium in it's location. So Saturday was my first opportunity to really get inside the stadium. I'd heard from talks with Thad at The Back Post, and James at about how great it was inside. So I was excited to finally get inside myself and I was not disappointed. I didn't the indepth tour that they've previously gotten (I hope to sooner than later). I took a few photos of the event from different locations around the stadium and there are certainly isn't a bad spot in the stadium judging by the views that I saw. It truly will be one of, if not the best stadium in the league and I'm absolutely looking forward to when it opens.

I had planned this post to be a bit of an uplift after the Seattle game, but unfortunately other commitments got in my way and it's a nice addition to the win last night against Chicago. Here's the rest of the photos I got.


Nathan Martin said...

Mike, any word on what is up with Ryan Smith or at the least if he'll be back & healthy for the next game?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't expect him back. He was in England for personal reason, family stuff apparently. I don't expect him back for this weekend.