Sunday, October 24, 2010

Auvray, Guadeloupe Advance in Digicel Cup

Stephane Auvray and the Guadeloupe national team secured passage to the final phase of the Digicel Caribbean Cup today as they defeated Puerto Rico 3-2 today. The win assured Guadeloupe of a top 2 finish in their group. Guadeloupe started off quickly, scoring in the first minute after working the kick off down the wing. They doubled the lead in the 10th minute. Unfortunately for Guadeloupe, they again found themselves down a man as the scorer of the second goal, Ludovic Gotin was sent off for kicking out at a player. Guadeloupe though continued to control the game, and in the second half scored their third via the counter. Auvray led the counter, a 3 on 1 break, and finished the chance for his second international goal for Auvray and the third of the game. After that Puerto Rico worked their way back into the game, scoring 2 goals, but it was not enough as Guadleoupe is now set to advance to the final group stage of the tournament.

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Ron Bishop said...

That cup looks awesome. I knew nothing about that part of the world. Wish we had that kind of soccer saturation in this area.

The Digicel Caribbean Cup website is worth checking out