Monday, October 25, 2010

October Player of the Month

The Wizards season is over, but before I hand out my year end awards, I have to first hand out my final player of the month award for this season for the month of October. In October the Wizards went 2-3, scoring 7 goals and conceding 5 times. Here are some of the stats for this month:

Birahim Diop - 3 goals
Davy Arnaud - 2 goals
Teal Bunbury - 1 goal, 1 assist
Josh Wolff - 1 assist
Jonathan Leathers - 1 assist
Craig Rocastle - 1 assist
Jimmy Nielsen - 1 shutout

For me, stat wise, no one really stands out, yes Diop's hattrick against San Jose was nice, but other than that he didn't really do anything in the month. One of Arnaud's goals came from the penalty spot, while Bunbury's goal and assist came in the same game.

For me this month, the award goes to Craig Rocastle. Rocastle has been consistently one of our best players once he finally adjusted to the style of play in MLS. With Stephane Auvray struggling for form the past month or so, Rocastle has stepped up and helped to continue shutting down the middle of the field. Rocastle has also provided plenty of help getting the offense started. Rocastle's vision for passing has been good and has helped the Wizards transition well getting up the field.


Ron Bishop said...

Good call. Often only the players and action at the ends of the pitch get attention.

~LB said...

I would agree. Rocastle is a great player. Let's protect him for next year.