Thursday, October 07, 2010

What KC Needs this Weekend

A big weekend ahead for the Wizards and their slim playoff hopes, and KC is going to be able to help themselves a bit, but are also going to need help from other teams as well in their bid to move closer to the playoffs. Here's a look at what needs to happen this weekend.

Currently, based on points per game, the playoff cutoff line is currently at 46 points it looks like. With 4 games left, the Wizards maximum point total is 45, meaning they need teams to stumble to make it in, while they need to basically win out. The first and most obvious thing KC needs is to win Saturday against Seattle. A loss to Seattle puts a bigger dent in KC's playoff chances, and qualifies the Sounders for the playoffs.

While it's not a necessity, the next thing that KC needs is for Colorado to lose to Dallas, Colorado still seems the most likely team for KC to catch, as a tie on points with them puts the Wizards through due to their head to head record with the Rapids. The other thing the Wizards would probably like to see happen, is San Jose losing on the road to the very undermanned DC United. With the Wizards meeting the Earthquakes in the season finale, a loss would pull them closer to the Wizards.

For another way to look at it, Seattle is 4 points from clinching a playoff spot, meaning a total of 4 points gained by Seattle or lost by KC gets Seattle into the playoffs, so with 6 points on the table this weekend, the Sounders could make their way in. San Jose's magic number is currently 6 points, while Colorado's is currently at 5 points. What that basically means is that the only way KC is eliminated this weekend is if they lose, and San Jose and Colorado win their games (as well as Seattle, but that has already been stated). After KC, Seattle plays Chivas at home next Friday and close out the season at Houston on the 23rd, with a friendly against Chivas Guadalajara and CCL game against Saprissa in there as well. San Jose have home games against Houston and Chivas before ending the season in KC against the Wizards. Those final 3 games are all in the span of 8 days, which could definitely play a role, but their schedule is likely the easiest of the three teams. Finally Colorado, the team that seems the most likely for the Wizards to catch. After playing at Dallas, they travel to LA next week to play the Galaxy, and close out the season at home against Salt Lake, which could still be looking to get the Supporters' Shield.

So chances do look bleak at this time, KC has it all to do and needs teams to drop points to have a chance. I believe if there's a team we'll catch, it'll be Colorado, they have the toughest remaining schedule, so even though the Wizards play the other two teams, Colorado seems the most likely to potentially stumble.