Friday, October 15, 2010

Bravo Wants to Stay at Chivas

The 2011 season was supposed to see the Wizards with their second designated player, Omar Bravo. The Wizards signed Bravo in August of this year to make him the clubs second designated player. He was then loaned back to Chivas for the Apertura season in Mexico as the club was in the middle of a run to the Copa Libertadores final. Now some reports out of Mexico are reporting that Bravo doesn't want to leave the club where he's played the majority of his professional games for. Bravo says that he's not sure if he's going to go to KC, but he has a contract with the MLS club. He makes mention of potentially getting the loan extended, but he keeps reiterating that he has a contract with the Wizards to honor.

Not exactly the stuff you want to hear from your designated player. Bravo sounds super excited to be coming to KC now, doesn't he. The Wizards and Bravo may have some damage control to do regarding these quotes. It's certainly not going to make him a lot of friends among Wizards fans.


Nathan Martin said...

That sucks big time. We really need a classy finisher like him to battle for the top spots in the playoffs.

At least since he is under contract, KC could get something for him. the front office is in a bit of panic mode right now, unless they already knew about this.

Anonymous said...

Bravo is not that great anyways. A waste of a DP, hope he doesn't come. MLS is better than the Mexican league anyways.

Reepicheep said...

Anon can't be serious.

Let's get Angel!!!

We have to have someone who wants to be here.