Monday, September 27, 2010

Wizards on MTV

I couldn't care less about this, but since I'm committed to covering the Wizards as much as possible I'm touching on it. Those of you that remember the Chivas USA game earlier this year and the "streakers" that ran on the field at half time, you can relive that today if you want to. The season premier of the MTV show The Buried Life is tonight at 9:30 Central Time on MTV. I won't be watching it, it was disgraceful and embarrassing for both the Wizards and their security, and have no interest in watching some people that are famous just for being famous. It's particularly embarrassing that the Wizards knew that MTV was there, but 1) wouldn't let security stop them before hand and 2) didn't expect something like this from MTV. One would think that if MTV was coming you'd want to know what show it was for and for what reason. I don't really classify it as streaking either considering they were wearing a nude thong. As I said, I won't be watching, but for those of you that want to see it, enjoy.

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Trevor said...

Not sure what to think about this. I had to miss that game but had no idea M(oron)TV was a part of that and not sure I want know more.