Saturday, September 18, 2010

This Week Will Decide the Season

Over the next 7 days, the Wizards will play 3 games, starting tomorrow in LA. Two of those games are against teams around the Wizards in the single table. The third is against FC Dallas, who is currently on a long unbeaten run. Two of those games are going to be in Kansas City against Houston and Dallas. These three games will be the games that decide the Wizards season and if they make the playoffs.

First tomorrow against Chivas, getting something on the road would be a major plus. Getting all 3 would be huge, especially with the way other results have gone tonight and earlier this week, as all 4 teams immediately in front of KC have won, San Jose on Wednesday against Philadelphia, Toronto today against Houston, Seattle over Columbus, and Colorado over New England. Getting all 3 points tomorrow would keep the Wizards in the rear view mirror of all 4 of those teams and keep the pressure on them.

Wednesday the Wizards play their rescheduled game from last week against the Houston Dynamo. Houston lost to Toronto tonight and is having their worst season since their move from San Jose. The Dynamo are on a 3 game losing streak. This is a game that the Wizards have to have in order to make the playoffs.

Finally the Wizards finish out their busy week with white hot FC Dallas coming to town. Dallas is currently on a 15 game unbeaten run and have only lost twice this season. Like the Wizards, FC Dallas has a Wednesday night game this week, at home against New England. They continued their unbeaten run on Thursday with a 2-2 draw with New York. This is going to be an extremely tough game for Dallas based on the way they are playing, but a few things for the game could go in KC's favor. First, former Wizard, Kevin Hartman is going to miss the game after getting injured by Thierry Henry after a goal on Thursday. Second, Dallas could conceivably (and probably should be) without midfielder Brek Shea, who picked up a red card for a horrible challenge on Chris Albright on Thursday. A horrible scissor tackle, that was made worse when Shea shoved a New York player and then gave a bit of a shove to the assistant referee. Based on the way the league has responded to previous incidents, it's definitely possible that Mr. Shea could be hearing from the league office on Monday letting him know that he's missing the KC game as well. See Shea's red below. Is it worth a second game?

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Reepicheep said...

That tackle by Shea could have ended Albright's career. I hope the league seriously reviews it and gives him a hefty fine and suspension.

MOUFWASH said...

it looked a lot worse than it really was, certainly a red though

its not the tackle he should get extra for, its the action of coming back on the field to shove the assistant.