Monday, September 20, 2010

League Decisions on Two Situations Affecting this Weekend

Today MLS made two rulings on plays from this past week's game between New York and Dallas. Both plays have big repercussions on this coming weekend's game for the Wizards against FC Dallas. First of all, the most talked about incident from the game this past week, the incident between Thierry Henry and Kevin Hartman after New York had scored to tie the game 1-1. Henry looking to celebrate the goal scored by Mehdi Ballouchy by striking the ball as hard as he could into the back of the net a second time. This was a good 5-10 seconds after the goal, and as Henry ran up, Hartman was walking up to the ball. Henry struck the ball and force of the effort by Henry is what caused the injury. Due to the injury, Hartman is set to miss 2-3 weeks and will not be in net when he takes on the Wizards this weekend in KC. Henry got his punishment today, getting a $2,000 fine, but no suspension. Not surprising, but definitely disappointing that Henry didn't pick up a suspension for his actions. Hartman's agent as the link above shows isn't impressed at all with the decision basically calling the double standard for players like Henry compared to non-marquee players.

The other news regarding Dallas and this weekend's game against the Wizards is that Brek Shea will not be playing in the game. After his red card for his tackle on Chris Albright, Shea shoved another New York player and also gave a shove to the assistant referee. For the tackle and his ensuing dissent, Shea picked up a $750 fine and a second game along with his automatic 1 game suspension for the red card. Shea will now miss Dallas' game this weekend against the Wizards along with their game Wednesday against New England. While the game is still a few days away, the loss of these two players certainly changes the complexion of the game on Saturday.

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Reepicheep said...

Bummer for Kevin Hartman. I'm very happy for him and his performance this year.

Shea DEFINITELY deserved his suspension. He could have ended Albright's career with that ridiculous tackle. His actions after the play stunk too.