Monday, September 27, 2010

September Player of the Month

September was a pretty good month for the Wizards as they worked to make their way back into the playoff race. The Wizards went 2-1-1 in the month of September scoring 8 goals while conceding 7. KC had 5 different goal scorers in the month, here are some more of the stats from this month.

Kei Kamara - 2 goals 2 assists
Ryan Smith - 2 goals
Teal Bunbury - 2 goals
Josh Wolff - 1 goal 1 assist
Davy Arnaud - 1 goal
Michael Harrington - 3 assists
Craig Rocastle - 1 assist

This month for me the award came down to 3 players, Kamara, Smith, and Harrington. Kamara scored in two of the Wizards game this month, and was part of goals in three of those games. Smith scored his second and third of goals of the season in September and continues to give the Wizards dangerous free kicks, including the one that set up Arnaud's goal this month. Finally Harrington, who continues to have a great season, Harrington has been solid shutting down the Wizards right size and is able to contribute quite a bit offensively as well, picking up 3 assists in September.

This month's winner is.

These pictures never get old, but Harrington has been great this season and he's had another solid month in September. He certainly deserves at least a look from the US national team in January at least for Camp Cupcake.


Anonymous said...

Michael Harrington is a tool. He occasionally does some good things on the field, but usually he is getting abused and sending pointless crosses that end in nothing. Also, when you see him in public, he is likely to spit in your face, because of his overinflated, undeserved ego. Cut Michael Harrington!

MOUFWASH said...

nothing like posting insults on the internet under Anonymous

he doesnt seem like the type of dude I would hang out with either, but he is very talented and you clearly have some personal issues you need to deal with if you have this much vemon towards another person

MOUFWASH said...

and yes, lets cut on of the best outside backs in the league... stop posting here Curt Onalfo...