Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy Week Continues

The Wizards continue their busy week tomorrow as they welcome the Houston Dynamo to CAB for a big game between the two sides. It's another big game for KC as they need to win their home games to have a chance at the playoffs. The Dynamo team they take on tomorrow is different from any Dynamo team that's previously come to Kansas City. This Dynamo team is on the verge of missing the playoffs for the first time since the team moved from San Jose. Dominic Kinnear has said the Dynamo season is over, but that's certainly not to mean that they're just going to roll over for KC. The Dynamo are going to continue to be a difficult team for KC to beat tomorrow.

The Wizards are still riding on their good waive of form since July. This is the second game of three in seven days for the Wizards and certainly not one the Wizards can over look. With the continued good run of form, I expect we won't see much if any change to the lineup that started on Sunday out at the Home Depot Center against Chivas. The only continued question is how long does the Birahim Diop experiment continue. With the Wizards continuing to get the results, you can expect Diop to still be in the starting line up.

Harrington - Conrad - Thomas - Espinoza
Arnaud - Auvray - Rocastle
Kamara - Diop - Smith

Key Match Up - Michael Harrington vs Brad Davis - Brian Ching looks like he won't be in the starting lineup, so stopping Davis becomes the next big task for KC. Davis will be a challenge for Harrington who is having a very good season so far for KC. This will be a good match up and for KC to take this game, Harrington is going to have to keep Davis from creating.

PREDICTION - Since the Dynamo joined the league in 2006, KC has gotten a grand total of 1 point in KC against the Dynamo. Not a great record against a team that you need to beat to keep your playoff hopes alive. But as I said this isn't the same Dynamo team that has come here in the past. KC needs this game, so hopefully they continue their good run of form, step up and take it to Houston.

KC - 2 (Kamara, Arnaud)
Hou - 0


cheezwiz said...

Smith scores.

Ron Bishop said...

Another Wizard is going to score their first goal of the season!

Nathan Martin said...

This is THE definition of a trap game. It's a midweek game against a "down and out" opponent who won't be fielding their best team (Mullan gone, Ching hurt). The kicker is that Kei will likely be fired up, hopefully not overly so. Dangerous.