Thursday, September 09, 2010

Hillcrest Syndicate Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf

Normally I don't mention lots of things that any of the Wizards supporters groups do because plenty of people that read this blog are not members any of the Wizards supporters groups. Since this is for a good cause I figured I'd post this. The Hillcrest Syndicate is taking pre-orders for a pink version of their latest scarf. The scarf, a pink and white bar scarf with the Cauldron logos and commemorative writing on each end on one side, and Kansas City on the other is on sale for $25. All proceeds from the sale of the scarves will be going to charity. There will be a limited number for sale at games once the order is in, but your best bet to be guaranteed one of these scarves is to pre-order one. So if interested please look to support this good cause.


Anonymous said...

is there a way to get one of the new blue and white cauldron scarves on that site too?

Anonymous said...

Which charity?