Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday After Stats

Told you there were a lot of big milestones coming up, lots of stats from Wednesday night's game.

In the 89th minute, Michael Harrington hit the 10,000 minute mark in all competitions for the Wizards.

Harrington's assist was his 10th in league play all time, moving him into sole possession of 20th place on that list, passing Ryan Tinsley. It was his 11th in all competitions, tying him with Igor Simutenkov and Frank Klopas for 20th on that list.

In the 78th minute, Harrington moved past Sean Bowers and into 15th place on the list of most minutes in all competitions.

Kei Kamara's goal was his 25th in league play in his MLS career, and 30th in all competitions.

Kamara's goal was also his 11th as a Wizards player in league playing, tying him with Francisco Gomez and Paul Wright for 20th place on that list.

Kamara's 10 goals in the 14th time a player in a single season has hit double digit goals for the Wizards in league play. It's the 20th time that's happened in all competitions for KC.

Josh Wolff's goal was his 75th in league play in his MLS career, hit that mark. His goal was also his 85th in all competitions in his MLS career, he's the 15th player to hit that mark.

Wolff's goal was also his 45th in all competitions for KC.

Teal Bunbury's goal was his 4th league goal, tying him with his dad for league goals in MLS.

In the 75th minute, Jimmy Conrad moved past Preki and into 3rd place for the most league minutes played for KC, Conrad finished the game with 17,834 minutes played.

Conrad also made his 200th league appearance for KC, tying him with Chris Klein for 5th place on that list.

It was also Conrad's 199th start for KC in league play, moving him into a tie with Preki for 3rd place on that list.

In the 87th minute, Davy Arnaud moved past Chris Klein and into 5th place on the list for most minutes in all competitions for KC, Arnaud finished with 19,441 minutes played.


Kurt Austin said...

The league went back and credited Harrington with an assist on Kamara's goal last week so I believe he has 11 in league play after tonight. I can double check tomorrow, but wanted to let you know.

Mike said...

I was looking at the stats for last night's game and saw Harrington credited with his second assist of the season, all my stats had that as his first, so that makes sense, and rightfully deserved assist from last week for Harrington.

Now what can you do about getting Nielsen a secondary assist on the winning goal?

Kurt Austin said...

Couple scoring changes this morning: Smith's secondary assist removed on Kamara's goal. Own goal now credited to Smith, with assist to Harrington.

Haven't seen anything about a secondary assist for Nielsen.

MOUFWASH said...

thought that shouldnt have been an own goal...