Saturday, July 10, 2010

Addressing the Facundo Imboden Rumors

I've received a few emails from people asking why I haven't addressed the rumor posted on MLS Rumors about Argentine defender Facundo Imboden mulling an offer from the Wizards. For those that don't know, they posted a link to this article from about him being offered a contract by the Wizards. The rumor was then picked up by Soccer 365 for The Soccer365 Grapevine. Unfortunately, neither one took a great deal of time to actually read the article because if they had, they would have noticed in the very beginning of the article it says: Santiago, diciembre 25.

Most of you can probably guess at least what that says, but for those that don't know Spanish, diciembre is the Spanish word for December. Meaning this article that both are linking to is from December of last year, right around the time the original rumor was posted on this blog, and also posted over on MLS Rumors with a link back to this blog. I've been looking around for more news on Imboden and I've found rumors linking him with other clubs, but no recent links to KC other than the two stated above.

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