Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday After Stats

A little delayed from the write up today due to the World Cup final being on, but here is this week's Sunday after stats.

Michael Harrington played his 100th league game for the Wizards. He's the 20th player to hit that mark as a Wizards player.

In the 21st minute, Harrington moved past Kevin Hartman and into 20th place on the list of most minutes in all competitions for the Wizards, Harrington finished the game with 9100 minutes played.

It was Harrington's 115th appearance in all competitions for KC, breaking his tie with Sasha Victorine for 18th place on that list.

Kei Kamara played in his 100th league game in his MLS career.

Jack Jewsbury made his 159th start in all competitions for KC, tying him with Matt McKeon for 7th place on that list.

Josh Wolff made his 125th league start for KC, tying him with Tony Meola for 10th place on that list.


Anonymous said...

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Bryan said...

I'm curious: what is the Wizards Best XI Team purely from minutes played?

Moop said...

In reply to Anonymous:

Really? That's your bright words of wisdom?

This blog keeps me more informed about the Wizards than the Wizards' website half the time. It's interesting, honest, and written by what seems to be an educated fan. I know I don't always agree with what's said, but your comment is just absurd.

Anonymous said...

Moop, he's a terrible writer that's full of himself and should spend more time working on keeping his shitty minimum wage job.

Ky said...

Your blog comments suck and you suck! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Go back to your crappy telemarketing job you poser! Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!